Thursday, September 2, 2010

what is the point?

Can Design actually make a difference?

I am feeling compelled as of late to do something more- I mean I want to do more. I have to do more than just make posters, packages, or whatever for my whole life. The idea of working in an office or a studio, making something and then talking about it to feel important sounds like a huge waste of a life. How can design be more practical and helpful or useful or uplifting? I am in a painting class-what a huge waste of time. I guess actually paintings are inspiring(or can be). Not my paintings though... haha I am seriously going to have to dig deep to stay in that class.

Anyways, I was walking from that class and I ran into Donny Merrill. He is getting a degree in design and education which is pretty cool. That will, in a small way, change the way people will see the world. Teachers have the awesome responsibility to teach our children how to react with one another. Education is so important.

My brother just finished flight school for the army. He is an Apache pilot- this is also very cool. He will also change the way people will see the world, in a different way, but it will still be educational... haha that is probably not the best way to talk about it but its still rad what he's doing. He is doing an important thing. I really feel strongly about the mission in Afghanistan but that is a whole other topic that I wont get into. I'm proud of him.

So I had the thought that I will be a sad person if all I do is make posters or ads or commercials for money. There must be some way to make a difference with design. How can I do this?

This is really important to me for some reason.

I want to involve myself in the worlds affairs.

I want to do something that will make a difference.

This blog probably sounds so unrealistic or idealistic or something(istic) it might make you sick reading this. I just had an urge to express this.

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  1. I am taking this History of Creativity class, which is all about how the world has been manufactured, per se, by creative people. So everyone has the ability to take their skills and creatively influence the world. Some would argue art--design--is what makes us human. To design is to create and to create is to change, isn't it?

    And I mean, really, isn't it all perspective? The garbage man may not seem influential, but life could really suck without him. You don't have to just make posters--you create a face for something, something that could inspire or change the world. Without design, life could be really bland. I mean, Obama may have never been elected if not for the the famous "Hope" poster. So, there. Spiel done.