Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Site Critique

Well, I am in school now and part of school, a large part, is doing assignments. This is one of them. Im excited for this class-if I can get in. It will help me with my grammar for one… which I am terrible at. I will be posting a lot more information on my blog from now on. So be excited all you 5 followers. haha.

This website is so sick.
Not necessarily the actual website but the content. which is why we all go online anyways (mostly) to find content and to look at it. Not to find a cool website and look at the design. But, this one is both. It has cool content and a really nicely designed site. I feel like It is really smooth to operate. Its a pretty basic layout which is fine- I guess its a little bit like Helvetica.. Everyone uses this type of website design but its ok because it is so easy and nice.

I feel like the design on the website fits their content well. Their work is super stylish and fresh yes, that is a good word to describe it. I like how it feels shiny and clean. haha. The menu is always on the left hand side of the page which is nice because you'll always know where you are and can choose where to go next without going back to the homepage. The site has an excellent sense of visual hierarchy with the images being extra large next to the small menu font and the even smaller submenu.

The color of this site is really basic and refreshing. Its just simple black and white allowing us to view the work without any distractions. I like how when you run your mouse over the different options the gray text turns black. I am also pretty stoked on the fact that there is no music playing in the background. I did not come to this site to be listening to some music but instead to see some good design work. I really hate it when blogs have music running in the background. oh well. It might actually be a good idea for this site to have an option of hearing some of the music that they have made album covers for. I just would like to have the option instead of it just automatically starting. They might be able to make some money if they set something up to sell the music they make designs for… just an idea.

This website is an online graphic design portfolio and I think it does a very good job at showing that without saying it.

Don't go to this site if you are depressed about how bad you are at design, it will only make you feel worse.
This is another cool website that plays music... this is ok because I am intentionally going there to listen to it. so visit it. I wont write about it because I am a bad writer and you're bored. The site is a little confusing though. Goodluck!

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