Monday, July 5, 2010

July 5th is the new July 4th

I don't know why.
I don't know why not.

If I could type a whole lot of words really fast I would probably update this more. I can't. So I don't. If I could think of funny clever things to say I would probably update this more. I can't. So I don't.

I went on a hike last week in zee middle of zee night. It was beautiful outside in the wilderness. One side of the ridge I was hiking on was all lit up by the full moon and the other side of the ridge was pitch black. I would not appreciate it if God all of a sudden decided to make it dark. It would be really cold and dark. really fast. and it would be uncomfortable.

This is my favorite song. Or one of them. It really has nothing to do with the lyrics. its the sound the words make. and the music. Lyrics are usually dumb or depressing or cheesy or something but when a singer is a little creative then I get stoked. I love how this whole song sounds. unfortunately this music video is only a little bit of the song. But, you get my drift. I think. I hope?

I wish it would play the whole song. oh well.
Also, in other news, today is the 5th of July. Its almost over. The epic 3 day 4th of July weekend is almost over. I went to Provo on Saturday and went swimming with my sisters. We went to Deer Creek Reservoir and swam across it to an island. Well Shelby and I did. the rest did not. We saw a dead fish there in the water. It was just floating there under a tree. Shelby screamed and then we swam back across the lake. This 4th of July weekend was pretty fun. I didn't do much. I didn't try my hardest to be the loudest and the funniest. I didn't worry about anything really. It was pretty mellow and good. I love my life right now. I wish that Cait was here and Travis. I miss my brother. Other than that my life is good.

Now GO look up that song!

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  1. I like that song too! I also like you... It was nice to see you for a little bit this weekend.